Responsible Gaming

For most players, online gambling is a fun hobby. A lot of people like to make an account at an online casino and play random games of chance for fun and for real money. NetEnt games are a popular choice for lots of players because their games are extra entertaining. When you log in to your account and load a game, you’ll never know if this will be the day you’ll get a lucky spin or a winning hand. This element of risk and chance is what makes online gaming so much fun. For the vast majority of players, gaming online is a fun way to pass the time or relax after a long day at work. However, for a small number of players, gaming can become a problem. Various NetEnt online casinos have systems in place which players can utilise to help them game responsibly. Problem gambling is an important factor of online gaming that all players should be aware of. A good way of being a responsible gamer is to set limits for yourself, and stick to these limits. Gambling can be addictive and it’s imperative that you don’t spend too much time betting, nor betting what you cannot afford.

Limits, Timeouts and Self-Exclusion

When you are choosing a new NetEnt online casino for yourself, always make sure you sign up to a licensed casino. The Gambling Commission regulate online casinos in the UK and ensure the casinos provide adequate support to players in terms of responsible gaming. At a regulated NetEnt casino, you can enjoy the best NetEnt games responsibly. Different casinos offer varying responsible gaming tools and systems. At a licensed casino, you will be able to set limits on your accounts. If necessary, you will also be able to take a timeout or self-exclude and close your account. Limits can help keep your gaming at a healthy level. You can restrict the amount of money you can deposit or bet. You can also control how much time you spend playing. These are essential limits to use and it’s definitely worth setting these, even if you have never had a history with problem gambling.

Problem Gambling

As we have already said, for the most part, players enjoy playing casino games online for fun. The great games made by NetEnt and other providers are meant for entertainment purposes only. However, gambling can be addictive. For a minority of players, gambling may be an issue which affects their financial and personal lives. Both providers and casinos encourage players to only enjoy the games for fun and avoid chasing their losses. Playing NetEnt games online at your favourite casino should be enjoyable, not stressful or problematic. If you have a history with problem gambling, or if you feel as though you may have a problem, it’s important to seek help.

How to Get Help

The option is there to take a timeout. This is available at every recommended NetEnt online casino. You can temporarily suspend your account so that you cannot play for a designated period of time. This may be useful to some players. For other players, it may be necessary to self-exclude. When you choose to self-exclude, you will effectively close your account. It’s important that you let any casino that you’re playing at know of your gambling problem. This way, they can take you off their mailing list so that you do not continue to receive marketing emails or messages from them. It’s also recommended that you unfollow any casinos or game providers on all social media platforms. If you feel as though you need some additional help, there are several different organisations which offer free advice. Players from the UK can visit for support. UK players can also sign up to GAMSTOP at When you sign up to GAMSTOP, you will have the option to exclude yourself from all licensed UK casinos. For more information on their service, please visit their website.